Galway Multi-Mode Gateway EI2GCD

EI2GCD is a 24/7 multimode digital voice gateway based in Galway City, Co. Galway. The Gateway coverage includes the City of Galway and surrounding areas
Operating Frequency 144.850 MHz             STATUS - Fully operational

The frequency is 144.850 MHz, Color Code 1, Slot 2. The DMR node is connected using the MMDVM DMR Gateway link to access to the Brandmeister Server 2721 in Waterford.
  • The default gateway connection is to DMR TG 2722 Ireland Call but is user selectable.
  • There is a Timeout of 180 secs (3 minutes) after which your QSO will time-out.
  • Please leave a minimum of 3 Seconds between overs to allow components of the Network to reset.
The Gateway is connected to IE YSF Ireland which is also Bridged to DMR TG 2724 and CQ-IRELAND Wires-X Gateway. Pressing the Dx button on the fusion radio will allow selection of other YSF Reflectors.

The gateway is normally connected to Reflector DCS 049 I widely used by Northern Ireland operators. It is possible to link to other reflectors. Please avoid leaving the Gateway connected to REF 01 C as this is busy and will prevent users of other modes gaining access.

Sysop:  Steve EI5DD email >> HERE        Brandmeister Dashboard Information:  Click >>  HERE